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Load break switches (Low Voltage and High Voltage)

These switches are designed as distribution switches, bus couplers and consumer switches, as well as isolators and main incoming switches in

  • Distribution Boards
  • Control Panels
  • MCC-Motor Control Centres
The load break switches have been developed to meet the requirements of present and future applications with reliability and security.

load break switch
  • Transmission and Distribution Poles
    • Steel poles-Stepped/Swaged/Conical and Octagonal, Galvanised or Painted
    • Wooden poles/Kicking Blocks and Anchor Logs-Creosted/Water Borne Copper Salts Treated Steel towers

  • Insulators (Porcelain/Glass/Composit)
    • Post Insulators
    • Disc Insulators
    • Low voltage & high voltage insulators
    • Stay insulators
    • Bobbin/Schacle

  • Overhead Conductors
    • Alluminium conductors (AA conductors )
    • Aluminium alloy conductors (AAA conductors)
    • Aluminium core steel reinforcement conductors (ACSR conductors)
    • Copper conductors (CU conductors)

  • Compression Fittings/Mechanical Fittings

  • Preformed Line Products

  • Outdoor Switch Gear
    • Dropout fuses
    • Surge divertors/surge arrestors
    • Disconnecting switches
    • Pole mounted switchgear

  • Steel Fabrication
    • Cross Arms, Ties, Transformers and Switch Gear Supports and Substations

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