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Copper & Copper Alloy

Copper has made possible the continued, efficient development of the electrical industry because copper has the highest conductivity of the commercial metals. Copper has ideal mechanical properties at low, ambient and elevated temperatures. Copper is easily fabricated or cast to shape and copper can be readily machined. Copper has excellent resilience to oxidation and corrosion. The thin oxide layer that does form is conductive, meaning that good joints have a long service life. From high voltage transmission cables to microcircuits, and from megawatt generators to computers, in every aspect of electricity generation, transmission and use, copper is the vital, energy efficient metal.

Copper busbars

Because of its good conductivity, strength, ductility and resistance to oxidation, copper is the most obvious material to specify for the manufacture of busbars. Most basbars are manufactured from high conductivity copper by the hot extrusion of billet to rectangular cross section followed by drawing to finished size. Angled sections are formed from rolled or extruded strip.

  • Copper busbars
  • Brass coils
  • Copper coils

Coils are used for mass production of components for factory assembly lines. Grades and specification are available to customer specification.

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